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What is Maps BI?

Maps BI is your business sidekick.
A platform that helps you make the best business decisions. 


You need to make decisions quickly on a daily basis.


You rely on data from many systems to make those decisions.


Maps BI does all of the heavy lifting for you and connects all of the dots.


We save you time, IT headaches, and best of all, our interactive dashboards make you look like a hero.

Discover Value in Your Data

Your data is more valuable than you think, but it's often difficult to understand how to put it all together.  Maps BI's analytic professionals are passionate about helping you find innovative connections and value in your data.

Empower Your Entire Organization

Everyone in your organization needs to be on the same page, but your CEO requires different insights than your front-line managers.  Maps BI dashboards empower all levels of your organization to make the best decisions.

Operate with Impeccable Speed

Not only do you spend hours pulling your data together, it also takes time to digest it once you do.  Maps BI automates the collection of your data and our visualizations are second to none.  We speed up both the time it takes to get your data, and the time it takes to understand it. 

Connect Your Data in Real-time

Whether you want to connect data from your fleet of vehicles or your web store, it simply doesn't matter.  Maps BI will connect to your data...wherever it is.


All you need is data.

You supply the data – whether that’s sitting in a series of Excel spreadsheets, in your Customer Relationship Management system, in your online store, in a GPS-enabled device, or any other device or piece of software (on the web or in your office).


Maps BI does the rest.

Just give Maps BI access to connect to your data, and we’ll transform it into a series of interactive dashboards that will help you make the best decisions for your organization.  Best of all, it's so easy and fast.


Dashboards tailored to you.

You can choose to use one of our industry-specific dashboard solutions or tailor Maps BI to suit your organization’s needs.  Whatever the case may be, it’s incredibly easy to create powerful and actionable dashboards for your entire organization. No downloads required.


There’s more.


Any Location

Are you looking to analyze location data but don't have a longitude and latitude? No problem.  Maps BI will geocode any address (or partial address) in North America and major cities and postal code regions across the globe.  Interested in mapping on a smaller scale (like foot traffic in a building)?  No problem – we do that too.


Powerful API

Our API allows you to connect any of your existing systems to Maps BI behind the scenes.  We have a comprehensive API that lets you easily stream data to your dashboards, create new data sets, embed interactive visualizations, and more.  We use industry standards and enable communication via XML and JSON.


Forget the Maps

Not interested in location data or maps?  No problem.  You can turn off location data and Maps BI can be used without a map, but with the same ease-of-use, power, and interactivity you've come to expect.


Maps BI makes a Difference for FortisAlberta

Implementing Maps BI has had a significant impact on Fortis’s fleet operations, its business as a whole, and its bottom line. This real-time immediacy now means Fortis can act early and make decisions faster.


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